About Zig Zag Farm

Nestled in the fertile hills behind Sulphur Creek on the North West Tasmanian coast is our picturesque 33 acre farm with its sunny, north-easterly aspect, gently sloping pastures and 350 tree olive grove. The 4 acre grove was planted in the year 2000 and consists of two cultivars: the Tuscan variety, Frantoio and the Spanish Manzanillo, both well suited to Tasmania’s cool climate and both producing quality, robust style olive oils.

On the remaining acreage of the farm we rotate cattle with our much loved horses and run sheep in the grove to maintain the grass around the olive trees. Our circa 1889 farmhouse is currently undergoing restoration and extensions, with plans for a cellar door and small art studio. It is surrounded by old, cottage style gardens and an established orchard with a variety of fruit, where our hens happily free range.

Zig Zag Farm is family owned and operated, from the harvesting of our olives right through to the labeling and bottling of our beautiful olive oil. It truly is a labour of love for Jason, Lena and our daughter, Grace! Although we are newcomers to the olive industry we take great pride in our hands on approach and believe this is reflected in the quality of our extra virgin olive oil.